Next Season at Kitesurfing Witsand….

Upcomming season we offer the easy peasy teaching for all levels as usual and the famous Airtime Witsand Competition 11-13 of January 2019.

New! The first Camps will be happening in January, February and March! Be part of our special offers for our first Kite camps in Witsand. If you got family with little kids, we send you a nanny to the beach, if you are a girl who had enough from taking pictures of your kiting boyfriend all day long join our girls camp!, if you want to discover the mysterious art of foiling within a week come and learn from the best “Steven Akkersdijk” is in the house first week of march, and of course we keep one week open for you if you just want to bring a group to Witsand with different levels or you want to work 3 days on your freestyle tricks… Everything is possible Witsand! Just speak!

New! The good old Airtime Competition will become a Watersports Festival. The second weekend in January you can join us for one or all three days on the river and out at sea. For the first time we invite all watersports enthusiasts to spread some good vibes and salty water on the Breeze River.Beside the main Kite Big Air Event we welcome catamaran sailors, Windsurfers and Stand Up Paddlers. Also Foiling will play a part in the game. We are so stoked to make it happen!We will need many Volunteers again for the weekend. Photographers, Social Media, Runners, Kitestarters & Kitelanders, Motorboat drivers, Register fairies, massage experts, medics,MCs, DJ, etc….. come and join the team!!!