Kitesurfing Lessons

Once you decided you d like to learn kitesurfing you can choose how many lessons you want to book and who you re going with. We offer private lessons and buddy lessons. On request we do group lessons or family lessons as well.

Our school is certified by the VDWS and follows the highest international standards and latest teaching methods.

If you are a total beginner we start with an introduction on land. You learn how to set up the equipment, how to use the 3 safety steps and all you need to know before to get a tube kite up in the air for the first time.

Next step happens in the water. You learn how to start and land a kite, how to fly it through the power window and how to keep it in one position.

In the second water session you should have automized your basic moves and be able to body drag (let the kite drag you through the water in the direction you wanna go)

Then the board handling is on the list. You learn to walk with the board in one hand, body drag with the board  and how to get the board on and off your feed.

Now the first meters on both directions are close and you are almost an independent kiter!

The self rescue and the theory lesson is also part of the kite course. Nowadays Kitesurfing is a secure sport if you learn it in a proper way.

How quick you get on the board depends on you. For sure we always push you to your personal limits and move on as soon as you feel comfortable with your skills. The average learner gets the first meters after 10-12 hours. We had students riding after 2 hours, others keep it a bit slower 🙂 In the end everybody  has a chance to learn kitesurfing. If you are young or old, fat or skinny…. you will love it.

To book a lesson just whatsApp or email us. We re looking forward to meet you in Witsand/Port Beaufort!


The Crew